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I found interviewing Daryl Brown was the next best thing to chatting with his late father, James Brown! Daryl fired up my audience to 'get up off of their things' and light up the phone lines! 

Put Daryl Brown's wide-open book, My Father the Godfather, Inside the Godfather, in the All-Time Greatest Hits column! 

WARNING:Just like James Brown's histrionic life filled with fame, drugs, sex, lust and lies, Daryl Brown's storytelling of never before revealed anecdotes is addictive!

James Brown's talented son, Daryl Brown, really lets the cat out of 'papa's brand new bag' with his pager turner, My Father the Godfather, Inside the Godfather! 

The legendary James Brown once said he only received a seventh-grade education. His son, Daryl Brown, deserves a Ph.D. for opening our eyes into his father's brazen life, with My Father the Godfather, Inside the Godfather!

Phil Paleologos, host of Midday Magazine on WBSM radio

Daryl was so incredibly brilliant that I'm turning the interview into a three part I Heart Radio special.  He wasn't afraid to answer real questions.  The world has waited a long time to know the story.  Daryl gives us a deeper richer reason why James Brown came to us in the shape of glory.
iHeart Radio

Daryl Brown was a guest on Talk Radio 850's Bill LuMaye Show in Raleigh, N.C. to talk about his new book, "My Father the Godfather, Inside the Godfather".  Daryl was a warm, delightful and engaging guest who had our listeners attention for three segments!  He spoke about his Father from the first person perspective you would expect and gave us an inside glimpse into the "Godfather of Soul", his music and what he meant to pop culture and the nation that only his son could provide.
Mark Arsen, Talk Radio 850

James Brown's Son - He's Got A Good Thing [VIDEO]

My Father the Godfather, Inside the Godfather "book" is very revealing while showing a side of James Brown that most never knew. It is intimate, funny and scandalous while showing him as an artist and a man.
Karen Graham, FOX 5 Atlanta

Inside the Godfather a conversation with Daryl Brown

Daryl is clearly passionate to not only tell his father's life story, but through it, help his readers through theirs.

David Wilcox, Features Editor, The Citizen

Daryl Brown tells the real story about his father in his book, "Inside the Godfather"

Daryl Brown Talks 'Inside the Godfather of Soul'

Downtown Books: Biography of James Brown by son Daryl does 'The Godfather' justice


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